ELTHAM NORTH - Real Estate

Now is the Time to Buy House in Eltham North

Buying a house away from the dust and noise of the big cities is another option for most Australians today. Among the regional suburbs that offer attractive property for sale is Eltham North, located just 21 kilometers from Melbourne’s main business district.

Property for Sale in Eltham North

Prospective buyers should connect with real estate agents in Eltham North to help them find the ideal property. They can also go hunting for house for sale in Eltham North on their own but that would entail lots of asking and going around. So to save on time and effort, as well as to have access to a comprehensive list of property for sale in Eltham North, working with a real estate agent is still the best way to go. It is also helpful to check sold results in Eltham North to identify which locations are the preferred destinations for buyers.

House for Sale in Eltham North

One thing that stands out when you visit Eltham North is the wide lawn in front of the houses in the area. Obviously, you cannot find places like them for the same price anywhere in Melbourne or in any other congested cities in Australia. In fact, affordability of property in Eltham North makes the suburb an attractive destination for Melbourne residents who want to transfer to the countryside permanently or temporarily while maintaining access to the amenities found in the city. This reason, as well as the favorable prices of Eltham North real estate, drives more and more real estate buyers to seriously consider to buy house in Eltham North.
Land for Sale in Eltham North

Prospective buyers who are looking for land to develop can find wide range of selection to buy land in Eltham North. The suburb is connected with a wide network of primary and secondary roads, making every location accessible to vehicles and foot traffic. The suburb’s proximity to Melbourne make it an attractive prospect for couples who are planning to build their dream house in the future.

Eltham North House Rentals

Rental properties in Eltham North vary widely in prices. Short term house rentals in Eltham North range from one room flats to two-storey, four bedroom ancestral homes. Because of the differences in location, size of the property, and amenities, there is a wide gap in rates on available house for rent in Eltham North.

Rent in Eltham North is computed in daily and monthly basis depending on the kind or property that is being rented and the length of the contract. At the low end, you can find one room apartments for as low as $150 per day while much grander properties are offered for over a thousand dollars.

Schools and Colleges

Affordable home for rent in Eltham North can be found around the area’s schools and colleges. Students who are looking to enroll at the Catholic Ladies College can scout in advance for Eltham North property to rent before the school’s opening so they can choose the best apartments and locations.