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Shopping for Low Priced Real Estate Property in St Helena

Investing in real estate in St Helena is a major decision that you will surely appreciate. The suburb is located a mere 20-minutes ride away from Melbourne, yet has all the big shopping establishments that you can normally find in the city, while still giving you enough space to enjoy.

One of the reasons property in St Helena is selling fast is the presence of St Helena Marketplace. The shopping center boasts of big ticket retailers like Woolworths, Baker’s Delight, and other variety shops. The streets surrounding the marketplace are also home to smaller mom and pop stores that are popular with the locals and visitors alike.

The suburb is the perfect home for you if you are looking for a place where going shopping means just walking around the corner. There are plenty of property for sale in St Helena that that are located right where all the shops are. If you are seriously looking for a house or land for sale in St Helena, checking with a local real estate agent should be your first business.

Real estate agents in St Helena are the authorities when it comes to what property are on the market and which ones are not. They can also give you valuable information about sold results in St Helena so you will know which properties are moving and which ones have been on the market for a long time.
By connecting with an agent, you are now ready to find the ideal house for sale in St Helena that is both within your budget and your taste. Recent listings of properties in the selling block show lots of 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom houses that are ready for occupancy. And the price? It is surprisingly low that an average, you have to shell out $693,250 if you want to buy house in St Helena.

Couples who are wants to start their life away from the noise and pollution of the big city can buy land in St Helena and build their dream house in the property. Vacant lands are not offered in the market often so it will be wise to check with your agent for availability first.

St Helena is home to St Helena Secondary College and Glen Katherine Primary School. Rental properties in St Helena are mostly located near these educational institutions, but a diligent search can land you affordable property to rent in St Helena that is closer to the shopping centers.

Rent in St Helena is surprisingly affordable considering the fact that the suburb is a favorite shopping destination even by residents from surrounding areas. For example, a 3-room house for rent in St Helena with plenty of amenities for the whole family has recently been listed for rent for just $375 per week. And this rate is almost uniform for most home for rent in St Helena.
This reasonably low price, and the presence of first class shopping destinations right within its confines, makes the suburb a buyer, and renter’s, paradise.