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About Rachel

Nobody could ever accuse Rachel O’Connor of being complaisant, or of shying away from a challenge. In 2011, she and her family migrated from their native UK, and it was then she started to put the wheels in motion to make a successful transition to a new career in Real Estate; a decision both she, and her many satisfied clients are thrilled she made. Rachel, who has a Design Graduate BA (Hons), took the fundamentals of experience gained in roles in social work, customer service, retail and small business ownership, and melded them with the passion, energy and determination required to be a successful Real Estate agent. She prides herself on having strong morals and an unwavering set of values; traits she has instilled in her 3 children since their infancy. She believes that no result is worth sacrificing these beliefs for. Rachel is both a creative and lateral thinker, and this allows her to assess things from a number of perspectives. She uses a proven framework, and then layers it with innovative solutions which are individually tailored to meet the needs of each client; an approach which continues to drive desirable outcomes whilst nurturing solid relationships built on mutual respect. She believes she has a natural ability to read situations, and to build rapport with people, no matter their age, gender or walk of life, and this empowers her to work with her clients in a partnership where everyone feels they have a voice. It is no wonder Rachel often works with clients on multiple occasions. When asked what their experience with Rachel was like, there are a number of key themes which shine through. Her empathy and compassion, and a genuine ability to truly listen to the needs of others is noteworthy, as are her remarkable communication skills and her capacity to negotiate outstanding results. In her down time, Rachel enjoys playing competitive roller derby. She likens this a little to a career in Real Estate. You need to be a team player, and you need to have a good mental game. It’s imperative you’re able to pre-empt the obstacles which may hinder a successful outcome; sometimes you’ll take a big hit and that’s ok, but you need to be able to show the resilience to get right back up and focus on your goals and the bigger picture. If you need Real Estate advice, Rachel is happy to help, so get your skates on and let her know how she can be of assistance!

What others have said about Rachel

We had an amazing experience selling our house with Rachel. Rachel not only got us a a good and fair price she also made the whole process as stress free as possible. Rachel was open, transparent, flexible and caring.


Rachel's great communication skills, local knowledge and hard work sold my house. Selling was stressful for me and Rachel helped alleviate it by keeping me up-to-date on prospective buyers, negotiating a good price and making the whole process easier. I highly recommend Rachel.


I cannot speak highly enough of my agent Rachel O´Connor. She worked tirelessly and relentlessly through an extended campaign to find the right buyer for my property. Her support and communication skills were exemplary and her smiling face and positive attitude made the entire process so much easier. I would recommend her to anyone looking for professional skill, thoughtful care and attention to every detail. Thank you Rachel. I appreciate every little thing you did to successfully sell my home.


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