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Best Deals on Spacious Property for Sale in Bundoora

If you are looking to buy real estate property close to a nice university, Bundoora is the right place for you.

Real estate in Bundoora ranges from spacious family homes to single room flats designed for students. And while the suburb offers facilities and amenities rivaling those found in the cities, property in Bundoora still maintains a rural feeling thanks to the lush green environment surrounding the suburb.

Real Estate agents in Bundoora list some attractive properties that are currently in the market. It is important to compare prices first before you settle on a property to get the best value for your money. For reference purposes, a two bedroom house for sale in Bundoora costs around $378,000. If you are looking to buy house in Bundoora that is slightly bigger with three bedroom, you have to prepare to spend $500,000. While a property for sale in Bundoora with four bedrooms and bigger can cost you $600,000 and up.

Property for sale in Bundoora is not limited to single storey houses and apartments. In some locations, you can find spacious houses bathed in contemporary style are interspaced with modern apartment buildings. If planning to build your own house, you can scout for available land for sale in Bundoora that you can acquire. Local real estate agent can help you find the best deals if you are keenly looking to buy land in Bundoora.
The suburb is home to La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The presence of these tertiary institutions makes the suburb an attractive place for students to look for house for rent.

The suburb attracts both old residents who want to settle and the young and hip crowds, usually university students, who want to spend their university years in a spacious location.

Rental properties in Bundoora are mostly centered mostly in the new University Hill. Rates vary greatly depending on the type of home for rent in Bundoora and presence of amenities. House for rent in Bundoora with nice two bedrooms typically cost around $330PW while a much larger 4-bedroom home for rent in Bundoora can cost you around $440PW.

Students who are looking for property to rent in Bundoora often compete for space against small families who are also looking to experience the laid back atmosphere of the suburb. This influx of students from other parts of Australia makes the demand for house rentals in Bundoora up all year.

Despite the higher prices, real estate property in Bundoora is moving rapidly. The latest sold results in Bundoora shows that a total of 363 properties have been sold since January of this year. The trend is likely to continue as more and more families are looking at this family-friendly suburb as a place to stay. And with its combination of family friendly environment and availability of top notch educational institutions, expect Bundoora to continue to grow and real estate prices to rise. This is great news to real estate shoppers who are able to secure their property today.