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Lower Plenty - A Perfect Blend of Modern Life and Nature

Lower Plenty is a scenic Melbourne suburb located just 20kms from Melbourne’s CBD.  Formerly a part of Eltham, the town gets its name from the Lower Plenty Toll Bridge, which was built in the 1860’s to collect toll from vehicles moving across the Plenty River. It belongs to the local government area of the City of Banyule and has a population of nearly 4,000. It is bounded by the intersection of the Plenty River (which closes its eastern flank) and the Yarra River (which closes its southern flank).

The area is classified as a low density urban suburb and contains large expanses of unfettered ecosystems.  Within the vicinity are easily accessible trails and hiking paths like the Main Yarra Trail and the Plenty River Trail, which can bring people closer to nature without being too far from the city. It is a perfect marriage between convenience and a delightful suburban ambience.

Living in Lower Plenty

There are all kinds of real estate in Lower Plenty. Property for sale in Lower Plenty ranges from the extremely affordable (around $300,000) to the high-end (over $4,000,000), according to sold results.

Within its vicinity are growing neighborhoods complete with schools, business centers, sports clubs, and town halls. For families looking for a house for sale in Lower Plenty or singles looking for a temporary property for rent in Lower Plenty, there are a variety of attractive options suited to any lifestyle. For those looking to build their own houses, there are a handful of options that offer land for sale. The locale offers a generally laid back lifestyle, while also accommodating a diverse range of activities.

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Lower Plenty is home to many hiking paths and bike trails, including the main Yarra Trail and the Plenty River Trail. Residents can enjoy unbridled access to the natural landscapes nearby, as there are many maps that outline the different trails and attractions throughout Lower Plenty’s vicinity.

For those who prefer to stay within the suburb, there are a variety of options as well. Close to the town centre are the Heidelberg Golf Club, the Rosanna Golf Club, the Christian Amberley Retreat Centre, and the Lower Plenty Hotel.

Sports enthusiasts can get their share of the action as well. The Lower Plenty Football and Cricket Clubs are located just a stone’s throw away at the Montmorency Park on Para Road, while the Baseball Club can be found at Glenauburn Reserve. In terms of physical activities and recreation, there are a myriad of options available.


The suburb has wide networks of off-road access which are connected to its main roads. People looking to get around can utilize the public transportation network, although biking and walking are made convenient as well. The nearest railway stations are located at Eltham and Greensborough about 4-5kms away.