ROSANNA - Real Estate

Spend Less When you Buy House in Rosanna

The suburb of Rosanna is located 12kms from Melbourne’s center. Its proximity to the heart of the city makes it an attractive destination for property buyers and renters who are looking for a place to stay just outside Melbourne.

The suburb used to be part of a single farm, and that characteristics lend itself to the kind of house for sale in Rosanna that you can find in the listings. Real estate agents in Rosanna will proudly show any buyer a nice catalogue of stylish homes with spacious lawns, the kind of property not commonly found inside the city limits. The beauty of the properties for sale in this suburb make it one of the most in demand market for real estate, jacking up the sold results in Rosanana to above average.
Even right from the start, the value of land for sale in Rosanna has been on an upward trend. This is most likely to continue because of the growing demand from city dwellers who are looking to buy land in Rosanna and other neighboring suburbs.

Property for sale in Rosanna

Buyers who are looking for real state in Rosanna that they can buy can choose from attractive houses and apartments that are listed in the market. While it is not easy to buy land in Rosanna compared to other bigger suburbs located farther away from Melbourne, there are still some properties that are worth visiting. Most of the lands in Rosanna are developed and finding a bare property to buy will be a challenge.

On the other hand, prospective owners who are looking to buy house in Rosanna can check with local real estate agents for available properties. These agents maintain a listing of sold results in Rosanna and properties that are still on the market.

Property to rent in Rosanna

Transients and workers who are looking for rental properties in Rosanna can find some attractive places that are worth checking out. Single room apartments are available near Lower Plenty Road where most of the suburb commercial activities are centered. Rates among the different house for rent in Rosanna are largely dependent on the location, size, and amenities of the property.

Just like in most suburbs around Melbourne, paying rent in Rosanna is computed weekly. Of course, you can haggle with the owner of property in Rosanna for a discount, but on average, house rentals in Rosanna hovers around $400 per week for a nice, 2-bedroom house. Larger home for rent in Rosanna cost from $395 to $488, which is close to the areas average rate for the same size of property.

Rosanna boasts of athletic and recreational facilities as well as quality educational system. The suburb is home to Banyule Primary School and Viewbank College which serves not only locals but also residents of neighboring areas. The Macleod Football Club and the Rosanna Little Athletics Club call the neighborhood their base. Transportation to and from the suburb is made easier by the Rosanna Railway Station that connects the place to the Hurstbridge Railway Line.