SOUTH MORANG - Real Estate

Get a healty dose of modern living away from the City in South Morang, Victoria

South Morang is a peaceful and picturesque suburb located just 23 kilometers away from Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD). The suburb was formerly known as Morang South but changed its name to South Morang thereafter. Just a decade ago, it was a mere country area on the outskirts of Melbourne, but it has grown into a modern suburban complex in recent years. It belongs to the local government of the City of Whittlesea and has a population of 20,873 as per the 2011 Census.

The suburb enjoys healthy cultural diversity with 84% of its population born in Africa but associated with Italian, Greek, Russian, British, Croatian, New Zealand, and Maltese lineage. Residents of the area are known to be friendly and very accommodating. The neighborhoods are closely knit and provide great support for families and retirees.

Living in South Morang

South Morang is a developed community with a myriad of establishments and activities. It is a thriving real estate hub with a gamut of options from houses for sale to property rentals to land for sale. Sold results in South Morang show houses ranging from $95,000 to over $1.7 million.

The neighborhood is perfect for raising a family. There is a wealth of open space and a growing list of schools within the area. As of today, there are two primary schools (including one with special needs facilities), two secondary schools, and three childcare centres.

There are various facilities for recreation. Sports enthusiasts can visit nearby tennis courts, the football oval (which houses the South Morang Football Club), and the soccer oval. The area also hosts several playgrounds, parks, and walking tracks. Many of the tracks provide a spectacular view of the suburb’s surroundings, with some providing a great 360 view overlooking the city and the nearby lakes. It is home to the historical Farm Vigano and Le Page Homestead located withing Plenty Gorge Park.

The community holds several activities for its residents, including a yearly Easter egg hunt and several small carnivals.

Families looking for a house for sale in South Morang or for singles looking for property for rent in South Morang can enjoy its peaceful and quiet surroundings and miles of breathtaking scenery.

South Morang’s combination of accessibility and space hit the sweet spot between living in the city and living in the countryside. Although it is a peaceful and quiet community, there are more than enough establishments and facilities within the area.

It’s fairly easy to get connected to a real estate agent in South Morang whether you’re looking to buy land, find a rental property, or buy a house. There is always a steady market for property and land for sale in South Morang. Land within the area enjoys steady development and is expected to grow in value in the coming years.


Although South Morang is best navigated by car, there are several modes of public transport that provide regular trips to the city and the surrounding districts. The South Morang Railway station has several trips, which connect the area to Melbourne and its surrounding areas. There are also two bus routes that lead to Bundoora and Epping.