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How to Easily Find Affordable St Andrews House for Sale

In 1855, the discovery of gold in Victoria led to population boom in the area. One hundred and sixty years later, a small town which used to be called Queenstown, still bear the marks of that exciting era.

Queenstown was renamed to St Andrews in 1923 and it became a suburb of the growing city of Melbourne, attracting residents from the city and the nearby areas who are attracted to St Andrews property for sale that are ready for development.

Because of its distance from the city, it is easy to find vast expanse of St Andrews real estate that are being sold for low prices. Not only that, it is also common to find multiple sellers looking to dispose of their properties so prospective buyers who are looking to buy land in St Andrews will find plenty of properties to choose from.

But do not think that this town of a little more than 1100 residents is just wide span of undeveloped St Andrews land for sale and nothing else. Even though the suburb, which is 36 kilometers from Melbourne, is little farther away from the city center does not mean that you cannot find attractive St Andrews house for sale.

St Andrews real estate agents are quick to point out that the suburb’s from the city itself is an advantage for its residence.  Residents who have St Andrews property enjoy peace and tranquility that they cannot find in the cities. And indeed, a quick look at St Andrews sold results clearly show that people who buy house in St Andrews often spend their life in the area. That is why it is not surprising to know that more than 60% of the suburb’s residents are couples and families who have firmly established their place in the area.

Tourists and visitors from the city and other surrounding area will find some attractive St Andrews property to rent at low prices. Data from online sources show that the average rent in St Andrews is from $350 per week and up. Of course, this rate fluctuate depending on the size and location of St Andrews house for rent that you will have the chance of visiting. But in almost all cases, St Andrews rental properties are more affordable than those properties found in the other suburbs.

First timer in the area might find the task of hunting St Andrews home for rent or for sale a bit daunting because of the unfamiliarity of the location. This is made even more difficult because of the size of the town and the distance between properties. To make your job easier, just connect with local real estate agents for immediate help.

Since they know the area, and are probably keeping tab of all properties listed for sale or rent, they are the perfect partner in your search for St Andrews house rentals that will fit your needs and falls within your budget. By having them by your side, you can avoid wasting your time and energy in going from site to site just to find some vacant properties.