VIEWBANK - Real Estate

Escape the Hustle and Bustle of Busy City Life in Viewbank, Victoria

Viewbank is a scenic suburb just 20 minutes from Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD). It occupies portions of the Plenty and Yarra Rivers and encompasses vast tracts of the Yarra Valley Parkland. The area belongs to the local government of the City of Banule and has a population of nearly 7,000.

Though primarily a residential settlement, Viewbank is also home to a handful of schools, including a college, and a small commercial strip. The neighborhood is very family oriented as it offers not only a wide range of schools but also countless parks and nature trails.

The place was named after the Viewbank farming property, which was built in the 18040’s at the junction of the Plenty and Yarra rivers. It boasts miles of open spaces, rolling hills, and a great view of the nearby vista. It is popular among cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts for its winding bike trails and breathtaking scenery. For many, Viewbank provides the perfect combination of accessibility, convenience, and nature. 

Living in Viewbank

There are all kinds of real estate in Viewbank. Property for sale in Viewbank ranges from the moderately affordable (around $500,000) to the extremely high-end (over $6,000,000), according to sold results.

Within its vicinity are growing neighborhoods complete with several schools, a business strip, bike trails, and town halls. For families looking for a house for sale in Viewbank or singles looking for a temporary property for rent in Viewbank, there are a variety of attractive options suited to any type lifestyle. For those looking to build their own houses, there are a handful of options that offer land for sale.

Viewbank offers quality education at an affordable price. Public schools in the area include Viewbank Primary School and Viewbank College. It also has several parks including Viewbank Reserve, Castleton Park, Price Park, and Banyule Flats (which houses one of Melbourne’s most preserved wetlands).

The locale offers a generally laid-back lifestyle perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a quiet and friendly neighborhood great for raising a family and settling in. Those looking for a school and a home for their children should consider buying a house in Viewbank.

Many cyclists and hikers are drawn to Viewbank because of its trails, which offer a great view of the kangaroos, the horses, and the vista. The views are best seen during sunrise and sunset, when the sun peeks through the expanse of rolling hills that surround Viewbank’s vicinity.

It’s fairly easy to buy land, find rental properties, or buy a house in Viewbank, as there is a strong presence of real estate agents who can show you around. A simple Internet search can connect you to a property broker or real estate agent in Viewbank.

Getting Around Viewbank

Although Viewbank is best travelled by car, there are several different ways to get around. Around the area are several bus stations and a train station. Transportation to the CBD generally takes anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.