Warrandyte – a Golden Destination for Real Estate Investors

What used to be a gold-rush site is now becoming a golden area for real estate investors. Warrandyte, located just 24 kilometers north-east of the city of Melbourne, is home to more than 5000 residents. But more than its welcoming inhabitants, the suburb is fast becoming a hot destination for prospective Warrandyte real estate buyers who want to experience the area’s beautiful scenery and rich history.

People who come to buy house in Warrandyte are quickly reminded of the place’s importance in the Victorian gold rush. Stylish Victorian houses with spacious lawns built in the 19th century are still standing along Yarra street, serving as a window to the once regale lifestyle of the suburb’s residents.

If you need in depth details about various properties in the area, you can enlist the help of Warrandyte real estate agents. They have the complete listing of all Warrandyte property for sale as well as complete information about prices, amenities, and history of each Warrandyte property. It is also helpful to inquire about the Warrandyte sold results of properties that have been recently put up for sale. This way, you will have a clear picture of where the buyers are heading to and which places are not so desirable to buy house or buy land in Warrandyte.

The median price of Warrandyte house for sale is $942,500. This seemingly high price is due to the fact that most of the properties that are being sold are sprawling estates with 5 to 6 bedrooms and spacious land area. But a closer look at some of the listed properties yields smaller houses that are being offered for as low as $500,000. Of course, even these “smaller” are sold at much lower prices compared to a house of the same size and style in the city.

Warrandyte offers complete educational and recreational facilities. Two primary schools and a high school are found in the suburb – Andersons Creek Primary School and Warrandyte Primary School; and Warrandyte High School.

Tourists and city residents who are looking for Warrandyte rental properties will be pleased to know that the suburb has plenty of exciting places that can be rented for as low as $220 per week. Of course, much grander Warrandyte house for rent commands higher rate, but in general, rent in Warrandyte are much more affordable compared to other more crowded suburbs.

A four-bedroom Warrandyte home for rent normally cost around $500 per week. But don’t be fooled by the price tag because properties in this category usually offer breath taking view of the surrounding landscape. And you don’t even need to walk far to enjoy the view because you can take it all in while standing on the spacious porch that most Warrandyte rental properties have.

Various Warrandyte property to rent are available for short term or long term lease agreement. Tourists usually swell during the month of March in anticipation for the Warrandyte festival so make sure to get your reservation ahead.