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Yallambie: A Safe Haven for Families and Children

Nestled just 15 minutes away from Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) is the cheerful Yallambie suburb. Yallambie was once a military  camp set up for the Australian Army during World War II. It is home to the Simpson Army Barracks (formerly known as the Watsonia Miliary Camp) and the Federal Governement agency Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), and is located between the Plenty River (to its east) and Greensborough Road (to its west). Its area is governed by the local government of the City of Banyule.

Though not well known, Yallambie boasts a growing neighborhood with several parks and schools, including Yallambie Park Pre-School and Streeton Primary School. It is located adjacent to many shopping centers and is just a stone’s throw away from the airport.

Living in Yallambie

Real estate in Yallambie began its development in the late 1980s, when large tracts of land behind the barracks were converted to residential settlements. What was once a military base is now home to a friendly neighborhood of over 4,000 people.

According to sold results, houses in the area are generally affordable, with prices ranging from around $300,000 to $1.5 million. There is also a sizeable market for those looking to buy land in Yallambie.

The locale is generally laid back and family oriented. Its vicinity contains several growing neighborhoods complete with schools, shopping outlets, and parks. It offers a safe haven for families looking for a house for sale in Yallambie or singles looking for a temporary property for rent in Yallambie. There are a variety of activities available for any type lifestyle.

Parents can get their children into a number of fun activities including hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife watching (cockatoos, kangaroos, and magpies freely roam around the area). The place is ideal for an active lifestyle as it offers a lot of open space and brings people close to nature.

For those looking for alternative activities, the Heidelberg Golf Club is only 5 minutes away. There are also various nature trails available for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts.

Residents of the area often find that living in Yallambie is very affordable and convenient. It offers the benefits of both being close to the city and having a very relaxed atmosphere.

The neighborhood is close to all sorts of different businesses from athletic clubs to beauty salons to gardening services. Most of these services are very familiar with the neighborhood.

It’s fairly easy to get connected to a real estate agent in Yallambie whether you’re looking to buy land, find a rental property, or buy a house.


There are several different ways to get around the area. Although it’s best traversed by car, Yallambie is only a short walk from nearby bus and train stations. For those travelling within the neighborhood, it’s very safe to walk or travel by bicycle as there are few cars and plenty of open space.

The roads to and from the city are toll free, and the nearest airport is only roughly twenty minutes away.