YARRAMBAT - Real Estate

Enjoy the Rustic Luxury of Yarrambat, Victoria

Yarrambat, taken from the Aboriginal word meaning “high hills” or “pleasant views”, is a luxurious suburb located just an hour away from the city. It is situated within Greater Melbourne and has a population of over 1,500 people as per the 2011 census. It belongs to the federal electorate of Scullin.

The area began as a gold mining district in the late 19th century. However, it has since been converted into a farming and residential community. Its local government, the Shire of Nillumbick, has subdivided the area into 1 hectare parcels. The areas proximity to the city accompanied with its large divisions of land have attracted Melbourne’s upper class, thus making the area a relatively high class environment. The residents of Yarrambat are mostly families and young professionals; 59.5% are married, 32.7% are single, 4.0% are divorced, and 1.5% are separated.

Living in Yarrambat

Real estate in Yarrambat boasts some of Melbourne’s most classy and luxurious homes, while still being affordable to a great number of people. Sold results show a variety of houses ranging from the moderately affordable ($ 560,000) to the state-of-the-art (over $ 3,000,000).

Although the area is predominantly residential, the Council of Nillumbik has recently approved the development of a township plan. The area’s current district centre is on its way to be upgraded, with a local grocery store, medical facility, and petrol station underway. As of today, the suburb contains a post office, a veterinary clinic, a daycare center, a war memorial, a general store, a fire station, a railway museum, and several schools. Other than that, it is home to both the Yarrambat Park Golf Course and the Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre.
Residents of the area often find that Yarrambat provides a safe family-oriented environment. Because it contains a lot of open space and is close to the city, families looking for a house for sale in Yarrambat or for singles looking for property for rent in Yarrambat get the best of both city life and country living.

It’s fairly easy to get connected to a real estate agent in Yarrambat whether you’re looking to buy land, find a rental property, or buy a house.


There are plenty of activities to do down in Yarrambat. For the foodies and brunch-lovers looking for a delicious bite, the area is home to a bevy of picturesque local cafés, including Tancks Corner Café, Nursery Café, and Rivers Café & Providore. Many of the cafés are family friendly and have activities for children such as duck-feeding and sightseeing.

For the more adventurous folks, there are a variety of recreational activities including archery, hiking, and wine tasting. The town’s outdoorsy feel provides the perfect ambience for all things adventurous.

For those looking for more relaxing things to do, the Yarrambat picnic area has several electric barbecues and pavillions surrounded by great view. It’s the perfect place for taking family and friends to a weekend afternoon get together.


Much of Yarrambat is reachable only by car. Most of the suburb’s public transportation is through buses that stop in Yan Yean Road and Kurack Road (the area’s main thoroughfares).