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Eltham North is another beautiful, family-friendly suburb, located just 21 kilometres from Melbourne’s main business district.  Effectively balancing the comfort of suburban living with the close-proximity to the city, it is a popular destination for couples seeking to create their own dream home.

When searching for properties for sale in Eltham North, we recommend you contact the real estate agents at Morrison Kleeman.  They have complete listings of properties for sale, and in addition to their excellent service, have access to the results of houses recently sold.

Prospective buyers who are looking for land for sale in Eltham North can also find a wide range of opportunities available.  The suburb is connected to an impressive network of primary and secondary roads, making every location accessible to vehicles and foot traffic.

Rental properties in Eltham North vary widely in cost.  Because of the differences in location, size of the property, and amenities, there is a wide gap in the rates of houses available for rent in Eltham North.

Affordable homes for rent and/or for sale in Eltham North can be found around the area’s schools and colleges.  Families looking the enrol their children at these schools, can be assured of their excellent reputations and ready access to public transportation.


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