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Nestled between Eltham, Greensborough and Eltham North, St Helena is a wonderfully vibrant suburb representing the heart of suburbia.  Containing a number of schools, parklands and an excellent shopping centre, it consistently exceeds buyer and investor expectations.

Home to St Helena Secondary College and Glen Katherine Primary School, there is a significant amount of urban growth close to these educational institutions.  In more recent years, property development has tended to gravitate more towards St Helena Marketplace.  This exciting shopping centre development; containing a number of cafes, retail outlets and small stores that support the predominant tenant Woolworths, have helped make St Helena a popular destination for young couples and families alike.

When searching properties for sale in St Helena, we recommend you contact Morrison Kleeman Estate Agents.  They have complete listings of properties for sale throughout St Helena, along with a great selection of rental properties available.

For prospective buyers that are looking to buy land for sale in St Helena, Morrison Kleeman Estate Agents are the best agents to contact for this also.  Clearly outlining your budget, preferences and other requirements to your agent, will greatly assist your search and help to secure a St Helena property in a prime location.

While St Helena does not yet house a permanent railway station, it does provide access to a number of valuable bus routes.  Yet given the quality of parkland and natural resources contained within the suburb, it remains a great destination to explore by foot.





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