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Panton Hill

Panton Hill is one of the outer suburbs of the city of Melbourne. The area previously known as Kingstown is located 32 kilometers in the north-east side of Melbourne’s Central Business District.


Panton Hill real estate experienced a sudden boom in the middle of the 19th century because of the influx of gold prospectors in the neighboring areas. Today, the town is home to more than 1100 year round residents and is famous for the Panton Hill Winery.


Like most suburbs located farther away from the city center, Panton Hill property for sale is composed mostly of sprawling estate – multi-roomed houses with spacious lawns and patios. Because of their large size, most of these Panton Hill house for sale are priced upwards of $1M. However, modest single structure Panton Hill property is also available for as low as $490,000.

Though no longer a busy town as in the past, Panton Hill still boasts of complete facilities that serve residents and tourists alike. Prospective buyers who are looking to buy land in Panton Hill will have access to the suburb’s hotel. The place has a lone primary school while high school students from the area enroll at the neighboring suburb’s high school, the nearest of which is Diamond Valley Secondary College.


While various house and lots are available for sale, buyers who are looking to buy land in Panton Hill can benefit from the low price of underdeveloped properties in the area. Panton Hill land for sale is more suited to buyers who are planning to design their own house. While it is more desirable to buy house in Panton Hill that is ready for occupancy, the prospect of designing their dream house is just too tempting for some people.


Whether you are looking to buy a property or looking for Panton Hill rental properties, checking with Panton Hill real estate agents will make your job much easier. Local agents normally have a complete listing of available properties and Panton Hill sold results that you can consult before going for on-site visits.


Knowing in advance what is on the market will give you an advantage when looking for Panton Hill property to rent. Because the suburb is not as densely populated as the other areas around Melbourne, it is not often that Panton Hill house for rent becomes available. And when they do, whatever Panton Hill home for rent is listed is often snatched up quickly.


This is why visitors who are looking to rent in Panton Hill are advised to go through local real estate agents for their housing needs. Aside from having a comprehensive list of all properties in the suburb, they also offer the best advice on which property suits your needs best.


As in the surrounding suburbs, Panton Hill house rentals are agreed in advance between the agent and the owner. However, it is not common to negotiate for, and be granted, discount especially if you are seeking a long term contract. It cost nothing to ask, so make sure that you make your request known in advance.



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