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Melbourne's many suburbs cover a great deal of ground in terms of their character and situations. Some suburbs cater to those who prefer to reside in places devoted almost exclusively to residential life, with commutes into Melbourne itself catering to the rest of life's needs.

There are also plenty of suburbs which afford a more balanced style of living and can even feel as if they had been transported in from elsewhere. One suburb that stands a bit northeast of Melbourne has acquired a reputation for having an inimitable small-town feel and an especially welcoming outlook. A quick look at some of the attractions that make Macleod Victoria stand out to so many residents will reveal a number of reasons to live there or to visit.

A Small, Quiet Suburb With Some Notable Features

Home to only about 10,000 permanent residents, the suburb in question is smaller than many that surround Melbourne. At the same time, it features enough in the way of distinctive characteristics that it has a real personality of its own. Some of the most prominent of these include:

  • The Kangaroos. Only rugby can stand up to Australian Rules Football in terms of popularity among residents of Victoria. The Kangaroos are a notable team that participates in the Northern Football League's top division. A stunning stretch that ended in 2008 saw the Kangaroos racking up three Grand Finals appearances in a row, a streak that contributes to their popularity to this day. When the Kangaroos play at De Winton Park, the stands often fill up with locals and visitors alike.
  • The Eagles. Another local sporting standout is the Eagles cricket team. While cricket is a slower-paced game than Australian Rules Football, fans appreciate the amount of strategy and planning it so often takes to prevail. Playing in a local park that has been nicknamed "The Nest," the Eagles rarely disappoint their devoted followers.
  • The Reserve. Even if professional sports account for much of the recreational activity in the area, there are plenty of other options. A carefully preserved reserve that lies alongside a number of public sporting facilities allows visitors to get back to nature whenever the mood arises. With hundreds of hectares being devoted to this purpose, locals can always count on some peace and quiet when needed.

Many More Reasons to Visit or Live in the Area

With these being only a handful of the attractions that help set Macleod Victoria apart from its neighbours, there are many more reasons to consider visiting or even moving to the area. Despite lying only 14 short kilometres from Australia's second most populous city, the municipality has a small-town personality and charm that just about everyone finds appealing.

Macleod also makes for an excellent starting point for those interested in heading out to see what else the Melbourne area has to offer. The scenic town of Marysville, for instance, is only about a hundred kilometres away and has recovered nicely from a devastating fire that laid it low ten years ago. As such, visitors and residents alike should never lack things to do and see either in the suburb itself or not so far outside of it.


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