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Enjoy the Numerous Attractions Plenty, Victoria Has to Offer

More than a century ago, a community began growing on the outskirts of Melbourne. This small group of farmers and orchardists gathered together to cultivate their crops, efforts soon fostered by the arrival of the railway. In 1920, this community was officially established and became known as Plenty Victoria. On last count, the town was home to just over 2,300 people. Despite its small size, this little farming neighborhood holds a wide range of attractions for visitors and locals alike.

Bundoora Park

Nature lovers from far and wide flock to this establishment situated just outside the town where up-close experiences with local wildlife are readily available. At the Bundoora Park petting zoo, visitors can cuddle with goats, guinea pigs, and alpacas to name a few, and pigs, goats, and chooks are among the farm animals wandering the grounds. Dozens of outdoor activities are also on hand, including hiking, biking, picnicking, golf, cricket, and a playground.

Melbourne Zoo

Visitors venturing just a few miles away from the town can enjoy one of Victoria's best-known attractions. More than 250 different species call Melbourne Zoo home, such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats, penguins, orangutans, and emus. In-house experts offer their knowledge and experience on wildlife from Australia and abroad, and the butterfly house and other exhibits keep both kids and grownups enthralled.

Diamond Valley Railway

Those of all ages tend to enjoy the train rides available at the Diamond Valley Railway, but there's plenty more to do at this miniature train line and park. Picnic areas, walking tracks and playgrounds are at visitors' disposal. Pony rides, ice cream, and horse-drawn carriages are likewise offered at this park run by friendly, knowledgeable volunteers dedicated to keeping enthusiasm for trains and railroad history alive and well.

Pound Bend

For those who enjoy nature and the great outdoors, Pound Bend can't be missed. Visitors may follow the river or stroll along the train tracks for a unique look at the landscape, and numerous species of wildlife have been spotted along the trails. Picnicking, swimming in the Yarra, and enjoying the waterfall are a few of visitors' favorite options here at this unspoiled natural attraction in Warrandyte, just 6.5 miles outside the town.

Block Arcade

Further outside the town in Melbourne is Block Arcade. Gorgeous architecture houses a number of boutique shops and dining and snacking experiences with unexpected history lessons entering the mix along the way. Visitors rave about the beautiful buildings and decor, and there's no admission charge for those who just want to have a look around.

Plenty may be a small town, but its history runs deep. Visitors who love nature are sure to be fascinated by the numerous parks, petting zoos, and outdoor experiences awaiting in the town and its surrounding areas. Wildlife, historical significance, and ample charm combine with modern-day shopping and eating opportunities to provide an endless array of ways to pass the time. Anyone visiting the region and looking for family fun is bound to find plenty of ways to experience the local culture.


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