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First settled in 1842, Hurstbridge was originally known as Allwood, after the homestead built there.  It was later renamed in 1924 after Henry Hurst, who built the first log bridge across the Diamond Creek.

For many years the area was best known for its orchards.  In fact, in 1912 a rail line was extended to Hurstbridge to help transport fruit into Melbourne.  Further development of the town occurred in the Post-War years, and electricity was connected in 1957.

Serviced by regular passenger trains to and from the Melbourne CBD, and just a short drive from Diamond Creek, it boasts its own friendly village, and is within easy reach of Kinglake, the Yarra Valley wineries and numerous other tourist attractions.
Claimed by its residents as arguably the best kept secret in Melbourne, the area includes a diverse mix of farmers, artists, commuters and families of various ages and socio-economic persuasions.
Hurstbridge holds the annual Wattle Festival each spring, and a farmer's market every month. Many of the locals describe living here as ‘a holiday at home’.

With a primary school in Hurstbridge and an excellent secondary school at nearby Diamond Creek, its homes range from the classic to the contemporary, including farmlets, and acreage.  Hurstbridge is therefore a great place to bring up children or even retire away from suburbs.




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