St Andrews

St Andrews is a city in Victoria, Australia, that is part of the Nillumbik local government area. It is around 36 kilometers from Melbourne and covers a total area of 39.79 square kilometers. The town of St Andrews has a population of 1,226 people.

The alternative market in St Andrews is well-known, and it is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is closed on entire fire ban days. It also features a motel, primary school, bakery, CFA, general shop, and the Wadambuk community centre, where the Yarra Plenty Regional Library's mobile library makes frequent stops.

The region was surveyed in 1858 and a town was established on February 25, 1861, under the name Queenstown. Located between Panton Hill and Kinglake, it was renamed St Andrews in 1865, and the town was dubbed both ‘Caledonia' and ‘St Andrews' due to the presence of a significant number of Scottish miners.

St Andrews is a relatively small satellite town, which is mostly residential and offers little to do, but it has a warm and friendly feel to it, with its permanent population being friendly too. The presence of Wadambuk Community Centre and the library (just outside of St Andrews) means that locals have access to books and Internet services. St Andrews also has a general store and a bakery. The library can be found outside of St Andrews.

St Andrews has a strong sense of community and is well-liked by both locals and visitors.


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