Urgent Repairs


What is considered an urgent repair:

  • Burst water service
  • Blocked or broken toilet system
  • Serious roof leak
  • Gas leak
  • Dangerous electrical fault
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • Serious storm or fire damage
  • An essential service or appliance for hot water, water, cooking, heating, or laundering is not working
  • The gas, electricity or water supply is not working
  • A cooling appliance or service provided by the rental provider is not working
  • The property does not meet minimum standards
  • A safety-related device, such as a smoke alarm or pool fence, is not working
  • An appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working and causes a lot of water to be wasted
  • Any fault or damage in the property that makes it unsafe or insecure, including pests, mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure
  • A serious problem with a lift or staircase

If you have an urgent situation when our office is closed, please contact the relevant Morrison Kleeman approved tradesperson listed below and they will assist you.

If the tradesperson is not available, please leave a voicemail message for them and they will return your call.

Please ensure that you also email your Property Manager or [email protected] to advise us you have had to call for an emergency tradesperson to attend.

Useful Information

If you are locked out:

If our office is closed, there is no option to collect a spare key from our office and you will need to contact the listed locksmith to attend at your own expense.

If you have a water leak:

Turn off the main water supply to the property at the meter and contact one of the listed plumbers to attend.

If you have no power to the property:

Contact your electricity supplier to check if you have any power shortages reported in your area.

Check your electricity meter box to see if the safety switch has been tripped. If so, you may have a faulty appliance. Turn off all power points throughout the home, turn the safety switch back on, then turn each of the power points back on individually to ascertain which appliance has tripped the safety switch.

If you continue to have a fault that is not caused by a power outage or tripped safety switch, you will need to contact one of the listed electricians.

If you can smell gas:

Turn off the gas at your gas meter or cylinder.

Turn off all appliances, including your electrical appliances and pilot lights.

Contact one of listed plumbers to attend.

Open all of your doors and windows to help with ventilation, but only if it is safe to do so.

Plumbsmart Plumbers & Gasfitters

Contact: David 0413 162 226

[email protected]

Lowry Plumbing & Gas

Contact: Ben 0425 777 296 

[email protected]


The CLG Group

Contact: Chris 0402 140 955 or 0477 298 366

[email protected]

Greenhills Electrics

Contact: Shannon 0408 309 653 or 9464 4012

[email protected]


Toplock Locksmiths Pty Ltd

Contact: 1300 679 979  

[email protected]

Garage Doors

Mash Garage Doors

Contact: Brian 0419 895 675

[email protected]

For any non-urgent repairs, please do not contact trades directly.

Email your Property Manager or [email protected]

Please note: Should the repair not be deemed as urgent, you may be liable for associated after hours costs incurred. Thank you.

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