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Warrandyte – a Golden Destination for Real Estate Investors

What used to be a gold-rush site is now becoming a golden area for real estate investors. Warrandyte, located just 24 kilometres north-east of the city of Melbourne, is home to more than 5,000 residents.  In addition to its welcoming inhabitants, the suburb has become a popular destination for real estate buyers wanting to experience the area’s beautiful scenery and rich history.

When people come to buy a house in Warrandyte, they are soon reminded of the town’s connection to the Victorian gold rush.  Stylish Victorian houses with spacious lawns are still standing along Yarra street, serving as a window to the once regale lifestyle of the suburb’s former residents.

If you require in-depth details about various available properties for purchase in the area, you can enlist the help of Warrandyte real estate agents. They have a complete listing of all Warrandyte properties for sale, as well as complete information about prices, amenities, and history of each relevant property.  Recent sale results can also assist when deciding to buy a house or land in Warrandyte.

Warrandyte offers complete educational and recreational facilities.  Two primary schools and a high school are found in the suburb – Andersons Creek Primary School and Warrandyte Primary School, along with Warrandyte High School.

Tourists and city residents who are looking for Warrandyte rental properties will be pleased to know that the suburb has plenty of exciting places that can be rented at comparatively low rental rates.  Of course, much grander Warrandyte houses for rent will command a much higher rental yield, but in general, rent in Warrandyte is a lot more affordable compared to other more crowded suburbs.

Various Warrandyte property for rent can be available for short or long-term lease agreement. Tourists usually swell during the month of March in anticipation for the Warrandyte festival, so for those looking to rent, make sure to get your reservation planned well in advance.




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